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I was in Cēsis, there was a competition there, and I participated. L: And where is your favourite place in Riga, where you like to go in your free time? You said that you saw people arrested for their political opinions – what kind of oppression? You even laughed at some of the comments there – I thought that these comments seemed evil, not funny. L: But how do you feel about those negative comments? And he thought I didn’t understand, but I said to him “I understand what you are saying, but I don’t care – this doesn’t matter. And he was amazed that I spoke Latvian, and he said “sorry, sorry, I didn’t know – it was nothing”. L: You’d like it if it was always winter – twelve months of winter? (laughs) J: I am Muslim, but my father is a Christian. We have expensive and cheaper options, if you have the opportunity but I did not have the opportunity. L: You showed me earlier an article about you on the internet. There was one person there – he thought that I didn’t understand Latvian – and they started to talk about me, and he said “don’t play with the refugee kid”. I just like it – I don’t like summer, because all of my life I was in The Gambia in the summer. A lot of people think that Islam is a terrorist religion, but there are a billion Muslim people. Maybe he is – to my mind, politics is hard to talk about. And they demonstrated and the police came and arrested everyone. I was on a coach and there were three girls, and they didn’t think that I understood Latvian. J: There was one politician – he was not from the presidential campaign. L: That’s about the political situation, but for you personally how was life in The Gambia? And I saw that many people don’t want you to stay here. J: It’s hard to say, but they think that I am – I don’t know – I am dark-skinned, from Africa… I don’t know if this is racist, I think that it’s not racism – it’s just that people don’t have experience and they are frightened. My mother also was a Christian, but my mother married my step-father – and my step-father is a Muslim.



In the last few months, the story of Jallo from The Gambia, who currently lives in Riga, has got a lot of attention in the Latvian media. J: “Officially” I’m in the tenth class L: And who do you live with? J: It was hard, but I think they just needed more time. L: At your school in Riga and at your school in Vecpiebalga, are there different attitudes towards you? J: Yes L: What are you interested in doing in the future? J: I would very gladly stay in Latvia – I already see my future here.

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