Why the smartest people have the toughest time dating

So, Duchess, I knew where your daughter was, and I hid it from you.

If you had been alone, I would have taken everything from you, the title, the power, the money-everything, but not your life. Founder knows the sleepless nights, how wrong it was to keep a child away from its mother-a child who had no sins for being born to a selfish bitch.

The twelve-year old boy who happens to be the Spirit of Balance thinks revenge is bad. And then you screw it all up, killing it, and invoking the Avatar's understandable wrath. My job is to look for the good in everyone, and encourage them to befriend each other, no matter their background, species or creed. I hope your time alone gives you a chance to think about your life, and where you want it to go. Guess he likes getting his ego stroked it's not like you're good for anything else. You call yourself a true warrior, yet you take pride in serving wicked men!

Now don't get me wrong, we both know I don't give an owl-rat's feather for what you want to do to the man. That's why you bloodbent him instead of just freezing him to the wall. To feel so big, looking down on one so powerless, so...small. Don't pretend for an instant you care about my side of this. You die because you can't accept anything less then... But I must say Spoiled, you represent one of the toughest challenges I've faced so far. Because as of right now, it's only heading in one direction. Queen Celestia: ""There can be no peace, no compromise, no accord between Us and Them. You have no true loyalty, serving any master that can rent you!

First your son gets killed, and then your surrogate son gets half his face burnt off. You die from stupidity, and arrogance, and avarice. Hardy Bloom: Please, Dawn, if our friendship means as much to you as it does to us... She beat Maho herself in a singular duel with a Panzer IV. Jade: Heh, I suppose a towel boy like you wouldn't understand.


Along with the added bonus of being able to rewrite history any way I wish to make me ruler of both the Earth AND the Ghost Zone?

I will not stand to see the rape of innocence and innocents alike, of the peaceful being forced to take up bloody arms, and the grotesque being violated in mind, body and soul! You, with your sanctimonious serenity, are just a golem programmed to not question its masters, hardcoded to get a positive emotional kick every time you obey unthinkingly. The PHL help power America, and we've probably used something from them! They're calling us terrorists and murderers, rapists and torturers, bandits that... We're all yammer and no hammer now, the war's passed us by! " Celestia: You beat me because Shining Armors love is that pure. My true bearer hears nothing from me, for I am nothing to her but a means to protect that which is truly precious. Element of Magic: You are being punished for your hubris. Now, unless you want very much to lose your job, you would be wise enough to leave." Zelda: All you seek is power, Veran.

True ponies, true individuals, are free to question their lives, free to fear, free to doubt, and free to find their own purpose." Trixie: (while impersonating Lyra Heartstrings) "WE ARE NOTHING ALIKE! YOU ARE JUST ONE BROKEN SOUL AMONG THE MILLIONS THAT WERE CONVERTED! We're a laughingstock, and if the PHL wins the war, we're not gonna be heroes. We're not heroic partisans like in Poland, or anything of the sort, we're just a bunch of assholes with guns pointed at everything that isn't us, because fuck you, it's the apocalypse, we've got ours! You steal raw power to use as your own and then reap the harvest of the destruction you sow with it.

YOU'RE LUCKY I DON'T THROW YOU OUT ON YOUR FURRY BUTT ON THE SIDEWALK FOR THIS! And now you come into my domain with all the forethought of a teenager looking to steal a car for a joyride and brazenly declare that you will take MY power from ME? Don't tell me you're cowering out already, and only thirty seconds into the fight. Danny: I wonder what you were like when you were alive, assuming you were ever human to begin with? Dad probably beat on you a lot, maybe over something like you ruining his dreams for the future. I can imagine all those cute boys who wouldn't even look at you 'cause you were so ugly. If you're tryin to turn the tables on me, it's not working!

EVER SINCE I LET YOU INTO MY HOUSE, YOU'VE GIVEN ME NOTHING BUT TROUBLE! BUT NOW MY LIFE IS COMPLETELY TOPSY-TURVY, FILLED WITH POUNCES, FIGHTS, CUTS AND BETRAYALS! Of course, how CAN you when you can't even see past your own nose? Time and again, you've tried to seize control of powers beyond your meager understanding and time and again, you've met with failure. I've known ghosts as powerful as Vortex to cower when I come walking through. I mean, your motives aren't exactly Grade-A villain material, and this is coming from a guy who's Where are you, you little brat!

Sorry palbut if I have to honestly choose between you and themthen that's REALLY no choice at all." Vlad: "Oh, I'm pretty sure I could think of something," Vlad replied confidently, "Being the undisputed ruler of all time has a nice ring to it.



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