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There are several historic one-room schoolhouses in the United States that were built in the shape of an octagon, instead of the more traditional rectangular style.Most are located in the northeastern part of the country and some have been restored and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.During the winter months they would get to the school early to get a fire started in the potbelly stove, so the building would be warm for the students.On many occasions they would prepare a hot, noon meal on top of the stove, usually consisting of soup or stew of some kind.It has since been moved to the West Virginia State Farm Museum complex near Point Pleasant.Examination of the materials in this building indicates that boards and timbers were hand-sawed and also hand-planed. Except for the roof and a few boards in the floor, all of the material in this building is original. It was not until much later that slate was used for chalkboards, although students often had individual slates for writing practice.They took care of their students like a new mother hen would care for her newly hatched chicks; always looking out for their health and welfare. to 4 p.m., with morning and afternoon recesses of 15 minutes each and an hour period for lunch."The older students were given the responsibility of bringing in water, carrying in coal or wood for the stove.




Often, town meetings and picnics were also held there.Teachers in one-room schools were often former students themselves.


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