Gabrielle union and darren sharper dating dating a girl with a kid

In 2001, she married former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Chris Howard.

After divorcing him in 2005, she moved on to NFL safety Darren Sharper and Miami Heat shooting guard Dwayne Wade (above, whom she married in August 2014.)Turns out Sharper was a bit of a foul anyway: In 2014, he was arrested and charged with sexual assault and battery.


But police and prosecutors along the way failed to investigate fully the women’s allegations. Some victims and eyewitnesses felt their claims were downplayed.Before Kris, there was 49ers running back Reggie Bush (above; 2007-2010), footballer stud Cristiano Ronaldo (2010), and Eagles wide receiver Miles Austin (2010).As we all know, she has since given up athletes for the even more egotistical Kanye West. And awoke the next morning to find him on top of her, naked. He got a warrant to collect a sample of Sharper’s DNA. Witnesses told of seeing Sharper with the intoxicated woman at a club, and later at his condo.

And the alleged rapist was Darren Sharper, a hero of the Saints’ 2009 Super Bowl team, former Pro Bowl player and broadcast analyst for the league’s television network. In the weeks that followed, police records show that Williams gathered evidence.

The pending deal allows his possible release after serving half of a 20-year sentence—a strikingly light punishment that has drawn widespread criticism.


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