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The monks and nuns would live in spartan conditions in individual cells.They led humble lives, devoting themselves to the worship of God and to the care of the sick and poor.They used their resources to help the sick and the poor.Some monasteries had hospitals and all had sick bays for monks who fell ill.They would copy out books and manuscripts; often acted as teachers to boys from local families; baptised the local children; and occassionally farmed the land or tending sheep.The rules and regulations of the monastery were set by the prior and chapter, the head of the monastery and his chosen council.With life in England during the Medieval and Tudor periods extremely hard for many, the numbers of poor and ill people in the towns and villages was large. For each day the monks would stop whatever they were doing at certain hours, or 'offices', to attend church for prayers.


By the 12th Century, many people felt the Benedictines no longer followed the Rule of Saint Benedict, becoming lax in their prayers and work and so the Cistercian order was founded.There were many reasons for their journey; to honour God, as a good luck sign before a battle or enterprise, as a penance for bad deeds, or to cure themselves from illness.


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