EHarmony, Match.com, Hinge and Tinder showed her hundreds of potential matches, but few likely prospects."You know nothing about the person except whether or not you find them attractive," she said."I felt like it was very superficial."So Bradford started her own service, The League.She worked at Google, then got her MBA at Stanford University.Newly single, she waded into the sea of online dating.Buiten dat is de datingsite vooral bedoeld voor mensen die hoge eisen stellen aan hun potentiele partner.Als je dus op zoek bent naar iemand die succesvol is en ambitie heeft en jou op dat gebied aanvult, dan zit je bij Elitedating goed."It's gonna make your life a little bit easier because she's trying to solve the problem of just connecting two people that are really excited to meet each other," Blake said."After all this, Bradford might get closer to answering the ultimate question: Who are the perfect men? Dating sites are a lot like the people that use them: different personalities and looking for different things.Right now The League operates in such a tight knit community, it's difficult to say how well it would fare in other parts of the country with totally different demographics.

Like many other dating services, The League is free to sign up to, but unlike others, it's not so easy to join.But we can put people into the community that seem to be serious about dating," she said."And we can look at making sure they are a really good fit with the community and they are adding diversity to it."The app launched in November and already has about 5,500 members."It's really hard to spend a lot of time researching people, which is what you have to do with most of the other dating apps," The League member Liz Curtis said.To join, prospective members have to apply, and share both their Facebook and Linked In profiles.

A computer formula helps sort through applications, and then Bradford's team decides whether to approve people based on selective criteria including their education, job, interests and even photos."We don't want everyone to have an advanced degree.



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