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But it is likely to be less prominent for Bantu speaking South Africans, even if still very detectable on average, in particular the Xhosa.Eventhough only preliminary statements should be allowed at this stage i highly suspect that these group averages are otherwise already a reasonably .Still these results might appear to be “off” at first look for those not accustomed to how Ancestry DNA or DNA testing in general works.Therefore please keep in mind the following disclaimers (for a more detailed discussion see the Ancestry DNA and Ancestry DNA Regions pages): .With the regional scores functioning as coordinates if you like.However it will by default only be a rough estimate as more fitting sample groups to compare with may very well be missing.Generally speaking and usually also convincingly so.However this is almost always combined with other regions showing up with smaller amounts. It should be kept in mind that neither of these regions are confined to their Ancestry DNA labeling.

While the original inhabitants, the Pygmy and Khoi-San populations, have been heavily marginalized.Their African breakdown has been scaled to 100% in order to enable an evenhanded comparison (same goes for results from Zimbabwe, Madagascar & Mauritius).


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