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For example, a slightly different summary table could look like this: This summary table tracks the most recent event for the most recent session for a user.

All told, this was just an hour or two investment with some tests to ensure it worked correctly.

Specifically, in this example, you'd probably already know the "id" for the user Fred, and when you go to update Fred's data, you would normally do it like this: ---- ------------ ----------- --------------------- ---------- ------------ | id | first_name | last_name | date_created | is_admin | num_points | ---- ------------ ----------- --------------------- ---------- ------------ | 2 | Fred | Flinstone | 2010-06-23 | 0 | 6000 | ---- ------------ ----------- --------------------- ---------- ------------ 1 row in set (0.00 sec) In "real world" Java database programs I almost always use the Spring JDBC libraries to access a database, but when you're first getting started, or working on small programs, I think it's important to see examples like this so you can understand how things work under the covers.

If you have worked with them, you would agree that database design though it seems easier, is a lot trickier in practice.

Ever get to the end of a project and have a panic moment when you realize that all the content entered contains links in the WYSIWYG that contain the full domain, and not just the relative path to content (ex. A lightbulb went off in my head - I had already fixed this problem !

Honestly, sometimes you just have to step back and realize you cannot implement every solution the “Drupal” way.An important thing to keep in mind when using this approach is that the order in which you update your fields is very important.



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