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Considered by many to be a taskmaster with high expectations for his students, a softer side of Bill also reveals itself as his story unfolds. I was at that very show and remember the Spike/Show match that he discussed. He speaks passionately about life on the road and how he missed seeing his two daughters grow up. At some point, we decided to leave the bar (which was located on the main street) and go "cow tipping." I didnt know what that was, but we never got that far. In fact, somewhere, I do believe I have pictures from that very match!


Bills life has been filled with more backstage drama than is found in all the afternoon soap operas combined, and he doesnt pull any punches in the telling of his story. However, your books really put in perspective a time that never could be recaptured.The last thing I remember (actually, the last thing I was told) was getting a car in my sights ...


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