Sprung the dating game review

MORE: Apple Music review At the time of our last review, Spotify’s catalogue had over 30 million songs – ‘significantly more than competing services’ we said, and more than you could ever listen to.

That figure is still the same (officially, at least), but in the meantime rivals appear to have caught up.

Apple Music, Qobuz and Google Play Music also claim to have ‘over 30 million’ tracks, and Deezer even more at 35 million.

However, the number of paying subscribers does appear to be on the rise.


MORE: Spotify’s new Release Radar function seeks to bring you new music While local files on your computer can be accessed within Spotify in the ‘Your Music’ section – just check that your preferences allow it – it’s not as well integrated.The Browse (or ‘home’) page is a well-maintained section that throws up context-based playlists, constantly updated UK and global charts, and new releases for your attention, as well as content based on tracks you’ve previously listened to.A new ‘Concert’ tab that flags up gigs based on your music tastes and location is a nice addition too.MORE: Apple Music vs Spotify: which is the best streaming service?

However, some new features have sprung up, mostly focusing on music discovery.This year, Spotify has reached 40 million (double what it had last summer), and claims 100 million active users altogether.



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