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The infrared light is converted into visible light by the camera (but only black and white), and then we see the light because it has been converted and streamed to our computers!

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Overwhelmingly, one set of names rose to the top, receiving a total of 351 votes from a total of 529 submittals by AEF members.

NE18's new name is Sky, and NE19's new name is Spirit!

To go live instantly: Events give you more control of your stream.

Wind holds in effect - check the lift status page for real time operating info.See a timeline of nesting activities for this pair from 2008 through 2017.Three high-definition cams are available on this page.The first is a pan/tilt/zoom cam (PTZ), that provides incredible up close views of activities in the nest.

The next cam down is also a PTZ cam focused on the nest from a different angle.

You Tube automatically detects the stream resolution and frame rate.


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