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People are often ashamed to come forward and admit that they’ve been duped.

It’s not a good feeling to have been taken advantage of, and a scheme that’s so obvious in hindsight is even harder to admit to. If you date online, take precautions to protect yourself.

How to disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger Although it’s possible to manually deselect location sharing on individual messages, it’s clearly all too easy to forget to do that and Facebook’s own help page admits that turning off location sharing only works for the current message, and will be re-enabled when you start a fresh chat.

Therefore, my advice would be to stop Facebook Messenger from accessing your location entirely.

Such creepy collection and examination of location data has clear implications for not just consumers, but also businesses.Once again, warnings are being given that internet users may not realise just how much personal information they are sharing with others online – and this time it’s about where you spend your life working, playing and sleeping.A newly-released tool lets you easily track the movements of other Facebook users and plot them on a map, by scooping up the location data they have shared in Facebook Messenger chats.If your company is being targeted by criminals, they may attempt to learn the schedules of your workers – hoping to launch man-in-the-middle attacks over unsecured Wi Fi in coffee shops, or determine the home addresses of senior executives.

All they would need to do to begin to collect the data is start an online chat with you, perhaps posing as a potential customer or romantic interest.

At the time of writing the Chrome extension no longer works properly – its popularity means that it quickly smashed through the API calls limit that its mapping service provided – but programmer Aran Khanna has made the code available on Github for more technically-minded users to roll their own version. Check that the phones you own, or the ones you’re responsible for protecting in your business, aren’t sharing any information which they don’t need to – which includes, of course, their location.


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    Parents should establish ground rules for texting members of the opposite sex and explain the importance of avoiding any form of “sexting.” Parents should also monitor their child’s text conversations and follow/friend them on any social media sites where they have accounts.

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    We cannot guarantee that information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards.

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