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It’s also possible that the use of smartphones and Internet access has played a role in accelerating these patterns over the last five or so years.Because they allow kids to communicate with friends without leaving their homes, she says, they have less opportunity to engage in adult activities.So don’t you try and tell me that Mia and Sebastian just This is just common sense.The one Sebastian takes Mia to literally looks like it’s off three our four different side roads, in the middle of a parking lot that used to belong to a K-Mart, which is now out of businesses and has been for 4 years and is currently overrun with raccoons. And also horribly bone chilling and the location of a few homicides!Today, the researchers say, 18-year-olds act more like 15-year-olds from previous decades.That was true across all demographic groups in the study.Here’s how the end of the night usually goes: Dude: This was fun! I can tell you for a fact that Mia’s apartment is situated around the Hollywood Tower Apartments (because I recognized the string lights on the rooftop, OKAY? One second, Sebastian is over in Mia’s neck of the woods, and the next, he’s by the beach. Locate the nearest exit and make a B-line for it as quickly as humanly possibly, 2).Not knowing exactly what time he was driving that way, it was dusk while he was on the pier, so it’s night-ish and here’s what the traffic looks like at that time of day: Even if the guy REALLY, REALLY LIKES YOU there’s a solid chance he’s not driving in that traffic. No one is driving in that traffic just to go for a quick stroll down the pier, so ??? Duck behind something large, and hope that they never saw you so you can sneak out without being seen whatsoever, or 3).



“Teens are safer and healthier than they’ve ever been,” she says, “and that’s obviously a very good thing.” (The latter statistic comes from research Twenge did for her new book, MORE: Teens Are Getting More Depressed But Using Fewer Drugs The new study did not investigate why maturity has slowed among teenagers, but the researchers have a few guesses.

IDK if you’ve ever been to Griffith Observatory but it is never NOT packed. Last time I was there, it was just a regular Thursday and I had to park close to a mile away, and I got lucky.

Cars were parked halfway down the hill, and that’t not including the tour buses, and at its busiest, Griffith can sometimes have 10,000 people hanging out there.

If you live in LA, you know how fun it is to find street parking. [leaves] Even good friends of mine won’t walk me to my car if it’s like too far away, so Sebastian walking Mia to her car, all the way up Griffith, is ridiculous.


Usually when I meet someone, I end up parking like, half a mile away because I can’t deal with busy street parking, and also I can’t parallel park, so I find a nice spot in some far-away residential area and hoof it. While I still frequently get lost driving around the Valley, I can recognize the landmarks of Hollywood with ease.A single mum says she was left feeling “a bit ill” after discovering that her new boyfriend is her son's head teacher.


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