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Legacy tape data can be easily profiled and based on policy, specific content extracted and archived in the cloud.

Data profiling and extraction does not require the original backup software and delivers a cost effective way to pull relevant content from legacy tapes.

The information can then be encrypted, purged or archived according to agency policy. The word "confidential" or other keywords contained within sensitive documents can be uncovered.


We still dream of centralized metadata stores supporting any DBMS, DI, DQ, BI (and MDM) product on the market.The breach of sensitive data can run the gamut of putting someone at risk for identity theft or the release of Department of Defense documents that were to be sealed.While protecting data from breaches starts with data center security, encryption, passwords and other security measures, metadata tools and their full-text search capabilities lend an added layer of protection to any organization. Personally Identifiable Information tools find patterns within emails, documents, PDFs and email attachments that mimic Social Security numbers, birth dates and other information that can put people at risk.Along with new data being stored in the cloud, sensitive and requested content can be located and moved to the cloud based on its metadata: aged data, data owned by ex-employees that may have long-term value, project based content, and more.

Legacy backup tapes are also a good source of cloud content.Using metadata to respond to FOIA requests of aged, misplaced or lost data simplifies processes, reduces labor costs and expedites the process.


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