Medical packaging validating

The discipline of dentistry can employ mechanical testing to evaluate the bite strength of the mandible/maxilla system throughout the aging and wearing process, by repeatable compressive strength tests.One specific example uses a computer-controlled test stand to compress a plaster of Paris dome-shaped sample (which has comparable mechanical properties to hard, brittle food items, like nuts) to measure ultimate bite strength.A floating fixture, or similar, to allow secure location into the needle attachment component should also be employed.For in-house quality standards compliance, a semi-automated syringe tester using a touch-screen controlled torque testing system which can be programmed with acceptable limits for the syringe is recommended.The syringe must be developed with the optimum balance of these variables to assure consistency and usability.Typically, a constant rate of plunger depression (and withdrawal) of the order of 100 mm/min is indicated for this test.

The methodical application of testing and investigation into how biological systems behave and react to change allows the furtherment of medical science.These medical device and implant standards allow material and product manufacturers, medical laboratories, and other concerned institutions to inspect and assess such instruments to ensure proper quality and workmanship.Animal identification tags are important for both legal and health & safety reasons where animal by-products are sold into the human food chain.A robust audit trail is important for the OEM if the customer has a product problem in the future.


Syringes must deliver and extract fluids in a smooth, controlled manner; a plunger that is too easy or hard to actuate, or that stalls or judders on depression will not perform reliably during injection or aspiration.The software–contolled test stand is able to hold the tags at a target load and then pull further at contolled speed (typically 500 mm/min) until breakage.


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