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(I’m sorry but the actor as Jihoon is lacking in facial expression,but its understandable since he is still young and new).But the chemistry with the female trainee was good.Furthermore, how could Hyun Jae travel to 2017, back to 1994, and then back to 2017 again at his own wish. but i am not happy about the ending :((( well maybe i am team Jihoon. after watching this drama i feel something deeper missing in my heart bec of the insufficiency of the details tho many drama is like that but they can fill atleast the questions hanging on your mind. And it have other good underlying messages too if u ignore the love triangle part. Please make it 50 episodes..it's too good to ending this early,make season 2 at least..i just can't watch another drama right now its too blaaaah.drama too ddabong!!! u know what im pretty lost cos in my country they air the episodes like on friday but they air 4 and they say this week the new episodes were the 25, 26, 27 and 28.If 1994 Hyun Jae did die, how could 1993 Hyun Jae still be alive, and if he had the sickness since 1994 how could he have lived with it until 2017? But even though this drama is a fantasy, atleast the writer put some logic in it. but this, well...above all i still recommend this drama, don't be too serious like me haha just enjoy it :) One of the best drama in 2017. Cha Tae Hyun is still one of the best, still have the sparks I saw in Sassy Girl. try to watch it without so much thinking and just go with the flow in this drama,, don't try to make any sense of it,,,this drama is enjoyable,, super fun,,but when its time to cry,, you will!! if this drama have a different time slot just like regular drama did,, it would have higher rating for sure,,i watch it same time with fight my my,,, and i did think this one is better,,i like both of them tho,,, Highly Recommend!!! This show is honestly my favorite show I've ever seen, when I watched healer and wfkbj, I thought "Wow, am I ever gonna find a kdrama that I enjoy as much as I enjoyed this? Great casting members, belly-up family drama, what away for the writer to bring Hyung-Jae to the future kick Bo-Hee & her son to the curve, & have him to go for his son one-side love one. Who cares about their love triangle,is not gross at all.. anyway everyone is talking about the final and im so sad i feel like im gonna cry even if ddabong is doing nothing.I pity Hyun Jae,all everyone did was blaming him for everything instead of move on with their life.I guess thats why the reborn version of him came to 2017 to fix the situation since he died young. As I mention before, watch it without expectation don’t think rationally and enjoy the ride!



She wants a stable life, being affected by her mother who went through several divorces. After I finish watching it, I was reading other people reaction about it. Because real life is much more mess up and kdrama is like a fantasy that everyone wants. Spoiler ahead I read a lot of reviews where people can’t watch it because the girl end up with the father. For me, I don’t like watching that kind of story as well but here I don’t find it weird.I also love Mal seok character, she is so cute :* Really good drama. A very big thumbs up for all the casts and production team. Now i am addicted to him and have watched all of his old dramas too. Yoon Si Yoon is a great actor and others actors are also great. I hope Cha Tae Hyun, Yoon Si Yoon and Yoo Ho Jin will worj together again. I'm curious beacuse Hyun Jae disappeared in 1993 and he appeared in the time of 2017 but when he travel back and appeared in year 1994 there is a second Hyun Jae? But it can't be help, I love Produce101 too XD (they did bring down Pd101's rating for 1% in their 1st ep though) Still, it has the highest rating among all the dramas airing at the same time for almost every eps (woman of dignity pass through them later but that one was really extremely good, enough to get award so it deserves) but as Ra PD said in the prologue episode, they didn't care about rating, they just hope they can finish the drama without a problem : D and I really enjoy it. I've never gave a review on dramas before but really this drama is really good ?? Well, all in all, the kdrama was really good and enjoyable, I had a good laugh, jinjja!!! So if you watch it without thinking much, just enjoy the slice of life that the drama present and the funny scenes, you'll enjoy it. It happens more often than you can think of so move on and accept the fact that we're livin' in the 21st century where everything is possible.. im gonna miss this show Sayounara The finale will be aired tonight but I've been feeling empty since last week.



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