Light fixture updating

Pros: Great Illumination, Stable Design, Easy To Hang Best Uses: Primary Light Source, Decoration, Over Table It is hanging in the entry way, it gives a lot of light and it is gourgeus.Pros: Stable Design, Great Illumination, Easy To Change Bulb, Quality Construction, Stylish, Easy To Hang Best Uses: High Ceilings, Decoration, Primary Light Sourcelamp plus there staffs are very friendly and they are very knowlegeable on avery product.I found this chandelier close to two weeks before it went on sale.

We did place it with a dimmer switch they suggested, works great. It’s just where we live at you need a fan in your bedrooms in the Desert area. I suggest you do what we did, first take a picture of your bedroom, and their site lets you see for yourself how it will look, the size and all.

It is a perfect alternative to classy-looking "grandma's" crystal chandelier. but once you hang and assemble it, it starts looking astonishing.

This is a first thing all our guests would notice in the house. Do not hesitate if you are considering making this purchase. I have 15 ft ceilings, High Ceilings This is a great product and is a welcome addition to my living room. Pros: Stable Design, Great Illumination, Quality Construction, Easy To Hang, Stylish Best Uses: Over Table, High Ceilings, Primary Light Source, Decoration The glittering crystals on this chandelier are stunning and compliments my "spa" bathroom perfectly.

I hung this classy chandelier in the middle of the Saloon from the 14 foot ceiling. Too many compliments to count - it looks glorious and adds sparkle to the Saloon.


Pros: Stable Design, Stylish Best Uses: High Ceilings, Over Table, Decoration For its sale price it is a great buy: it does look light, fresh and *very* original.

They did it all, dressed it, installed the new wall switch, in short order. Pros: Stylish, Quality Construction, Gorgeous Cons: Difficult To Change Bulb, Hard To Hang Best Uses: Over Table, Primary Light Source Just be careful changing these types of bulbs. My husband had just put a bulb in and went to push it in farther after the power was on(using the styrofoam protector that came with it) and it instantly burned the styrofoam into the bulb.


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