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They say they are working with local authorities and the FBI to try to track down the con artist.Anyone who receives an extortion call should dial 911 immediately.The female reportedly spoke with both victims over the phone and then hung up.Both victims later received calls from the scammer, a man who claimed to be a sheriff's deputy.

"Anyone who receives a phone call like this, whether it's on this case or any other type of extortion case, we certainly want to hear from you through 911 immediately." Police say what's worse is that this con artist is even leaving behind the real phone number of the Oklahoma City Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit, making him seem legitimate, even though he's not.

But the scam artist is using the phone chat line to con people into thinking he's a police officer, and that he's caught them doing something wrong.

In the reports, victims were called by a female who said she was 28-years-old.

People call and leave messages for other local singles.


Callers can leave behind a free personal message, listen to other caller's messages, or even chat live for free.News 9 spoke with a caller named James who refused to fall victim to the con artist's trap.


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    They are of different blood, and are the family of Nortons referred to in Strype's up in the family of Sir Thomas More—and by her he had several sons.1 He was still living, though extremely ill when he lost his second wife in the year 1581: and died at Sharpenhoe, 10th March, 1582-3,2 having witnessed nearly all his sons' career. 1741-2 This ancestor of the second branch of the family was one of the leading citizens of the Vineyard and its first representative to the General Court of Mass. He was sheriff of the county in 1699 and was commissioned as Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in 1702.

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