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The 2016 increase in renewables generation was the smallest since 2009.Generating capacity at the end of 2014 was 198 GWe comprising 12.1 GWe nuclear, 11 GWe hydro, 39 GWe wind (0.6 GWe offshore), 38 GWe solar, and 97 GWe combustible fuels (IEA figures).Of the total generation, lignite provided 150 TWh, hard coal 112 TWh, nuclear 85 TWh (13%), gas 81 TWh, onshore wind 65 TWh, offshore wind 12 TWh, biomass 46 TWh, solar PV 38 TWh, hydro 21 TWh, and household waste 6 TWh ( figures.).Germany is one of the biggest importers of gas, coal and oil worldwide, and has few domestic resources apart from lignite and renewables (but see later section). The preponderance of coal makes the country Europe’s biggest emitter of carbon dioxide.Antique lights and local art add to the warmth and romantic ambiance of this distinctly western historic building.What started as a lovingly restored trading post with a coffee bar serving our celebrated European style espresso, has turned into a full service restaurant with award-winning wines, craft beers on tap, fine dining, patio dining in spring and summer, and a warm wood stove in the winter. Highway 191 PO Box 461Bluff, UT 84512Contact: Russ Wheeler Local: [email protected] am-am Lunch am-pm Dinner pm-pm Dine in a historic trading post, and enjoy foods prepared fresh by our chef using humane and locally sourced meats and quality ingredients.


Bluff is quietly nestled between 300-foot; red sandstone cliffs along the San Juan River.

Bluff is the site of the annual International Bluff Balloon Festival in January.

In May the Reading of the Gourds takes plce, June sees competitors vying for prizes at the Herbert Maryboy Memorial Rodeo, and the Utah Navajo Fair livens up the town in September. in Bluff each October with nationally recognized poets and story tellers.

It is on the banks of the San Juan River at 4380 feet in elevation.

Founded in 1880, it was the first organized Anglo community in San Juan County.Elevation: 4,380 feet (1,335 meters) Population: 300 Bluff was founded by Mormon settlers after they pioneered the Hole-in-the-Rock trail from western Utah.


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