Is continental casualty liquidating 2016

NRS 104.2313 Express warranties by affirmation, promise, description or sample. NRS 104.2608 Revocation of acceptance in whole or in part. NRS 104.2705 Sellers stoppage of delivery in transit or otherwise. NRS 104.2711 Buyers remedies in general; buyers security interest in rejected goods. NRS 104.3116 Joint and several liability; contribution. NRS 104.7505 Endorser not guarantor for other parties.

NRS 104.2314 Implied warranty: Merchantability; usage of trade. NRS 104.2609 Right to adequate assurance of performance. NRS 104.2611 Retraction of anticipatory repudiation. NRS 104.2706 Sellers resale including contract for resale. NRS 104.2708 Sellers damages for nonacceptance or repudiation. NRS 104.2712 Cover; buyers procurement of substitute goods. NRS 104.3117 Other agreements affecting instrument. NRS 104.7506 Delivery without endorsement; right to compel endorsement. NRS 104.8114 Evidentiary rules concerning certificated securities.



Robusto as its chairman and chief executive officer, effective on or about December 1, 2016. CNA Appoints Industry Leader Dino Robusto as CEO, Tom Motamed to Retire at End of 2016 CHICAGO, November 16, 2015 — CNA Financial Corporation (NYSE: CNA) today announced the appointment of Dino E. Motamed who has decided to retire at the end of 2016, and who has served in that role since 2009. Motamed will continue as chairman and chief executive officer until Mr. After joining Chubb in 1986 as a commercial lines underwriter, he held a number of leadership positions there including chief claims officer, chief field operations officer for commercial lines, and eventually executive vice president and president of their commercial and specialty lines."After an exhaustive search process, CNA's board is confident that we have selected the ideal individual for the job.


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    “How will an entrepreneur make money with this product” is the thought that drives our vision for each of our products.

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