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Just like you, I am constantly being asked to pack. HOUSING/UTILITIES As soon as you have orders, schedule an appointment with housing.

Whether you reside in Army housing, government leased or private rental the housing department will become your best advocate.

All of a sudden the Soldier is getting notice that their account has been turned over to collections and they have incurred a major hit on their credit report. But I can say with certainty that my husband and I got burned by our cell phone provider – located downtown – and had to learn the hard way.

So to avoid being a victim, you might want to consider this small piece of advice.

If you are looking to terminate a mobile contract, you might want to start with the SIGAtelecome provider located in the PX.

They do not offer landlines or internet contracts, but they do partner with all German mobile phone providers – Vodafone, T-Moble, Telecom and O2 – and their terms and conditions are in English.

Make it your goal to leave Germany with a clean slate and clear conscience.

If you do encounter problems, try to schedule an appointment with the Schweinfurt Legal Office before you leave town.

Whether you bank locally at Andrews Federal Credit Union or Community Bank, both have representatives willing to assist.

While I find each suggestion to be helpful, one tip in particular stuck out like a sore thumb – CONTRACTS. Based on Amy’s great advice, I took it upon myself to do some investigative research.

As a military spouse, building a home and adapting to a new community has become second nature. After consulting with the experts, here are some things I thought you should know…

Amy – from someone who has been there done that – thanks for your great advice!

Hopefully with this information our Soldiers and families will be able to avoid one less headache as they prepare for the big move.

They have a full-time German legal assistance attorney who specialize in German law and is an expert in advocating for Soldiers and family members.


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