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Ironically, the campus Conservative group that scheduled the event also reportedly refused entry to a reporter from the school paper.

At Dalhousie University over the summer, Masuma Khan, a member of the student council executive, helped pass a motion that the union not engage in any Canada 150 celebration calling it an act of colonialism.

At the dinner table, the family discussed “things like biological determinism versus free will,” Jennifer says.

“Or gender roles and whether they’re constructed or not. I’ve tried to guide her to see things from all different perspectives and I’ve tried not to lead her in any one direction.” One thing her mother worried about was her daughter’s confidence—that is, until Lindsay reached university.

But she’s no longer fully in control of her own narrative.


One assistant professor of mass media went as far to tell the reporter he wasn’t allowed take any footage, tried try to grab his camera and—when unsuccessful—shouted for anyone to provide “muscle” to help get him out of there.

There were protests and Robitaille cancelled out of safety concerns. Earlier this year in Toronto, protesters drowned out a scheduled talk by Rebel Media personality Ezra Levant at Ryerson University.


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