Alopecia dating


Ten years ago, fashion designer Bianca Young was diagnosed with alopecia.The 42-year-old says her sudden loss of hair had a profound effect on her life – it attacked what she could only describe as her “femininity.”wrote for . Struggling her to accept her appearance, Young convinced herself that no one would ever love her.She spoke openly to the newspaper Daily Life about her insecurities when it comes to meeting men.



Will it be cold enough to wear a hat for added security?What if his hand, or worse, brushes off both my eyebrows?If my wig falls off do I explain myself or feign surprise?The cause of Alopecia is unknown but it can be triggered by stress or trauma.

The hair follicles prematurely enter the Telogen (resting) phase, lying dormant awaiting a signal to resume hair production, which leads to patchy hair loss.

She pushed aside her fear of rejection and decided to try online dating.


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