Absulute dating

In most cases too much water has passed under the bridge and the obtaining of decree absolute is public recognition that the parties, who are already divorced in body and mind, are now legally divorced.

For most, it is the final orderly step to the beginning of a new life and new, guilt-free relationships.

Or if there is a new baby on the way, and an urgent need to remarry.

I have been involved in one case in which –exceptionally – the mandatory period was shortened.

It is rare for the court to require a hearing but when circumstances are unusual it may.

Further practical advice on all these matters is available at the Direct Gov website.


However, I would suggest it is always wise to check first with a lawyer before taking that final step.A Respondent should also note that if remarriage occurs without having issued a financial application in the divorce proceedings, his or her entitlement to a financial settlement may have gone.



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