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If you’re suddenly pushing aside the double burger and reaching for a salad it could mean you’re becoming more intuitive and beginning to vibrate at a higher frequency.So even without realizing it, you may be reaching for higher vibrational foods like fruit and vegetables.In your physical life, you’ll notice a delay between your initial thought and the time it takes to become a real event. If you learn to observe yourself in your daily life, your “Play” becomes more apparent.


You begin developing your third eye area—the space between your eyebrows in your Chakra system.

People you meet in your future are first contacted telepathically by your inner self.


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    Både Jesper og jeg gå op i mad, og han kom et par timer før Mia, så han kunne hjælpe mig med maden.

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    Additional research in this area is necessary to establish the safety and efficacy of this modality., they undergo significant maturational changes in late gestation.

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    My time will always be off when I turn my computer back on.

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