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She said that the two didn't become friends until their time at Geneseo, where they both played basketball and attended school, but that she had known who Annese was from their youth sports careers."I would always hate playing against her because she had the longest arms," Cohan said with a laugh.

While Sobieraski and Mc Kenna said that they didn't know much about Kingston, Cohan said that she spent the summer between her sophomore and junior years of college hanging out with Annese, Kingston and a third friend from Rochester. "I honestly never thought a bad thing about him and that just made the whole thing that much more confusing."Robert A.

The lawmakers’ bill would require every school district in Wisconsin to develop a curriculum to educate students in grades 7 through 12 about dating violence.


“With greater understanding that harmful relationship dynamics take hold during teenage years, we can now more intentionally instill values of equality and mutual respect in the next generation and thereby lower the rate of domestic violence in the future.”LRB-5038, which was circulated for co-sponsorship earlier today, would require school boards to adopt policies addressing teen dating violence, including:“We appreciate the efforts of the bi-partisan group of legislators working on this initiative, including lead authors Rep. “Now we are looking to the full Wisconsin Legislature to show that dating violence is not a partisan issue by coming together to support this common-sense proposal that will move our state closer to addressing the root causes of domestic violence.”If LRB-5038 is signed into law, Wisconsin would join the growing list of over 20 states that have implemented dating violence curricula in schools.

It can take many different forms including threats, constant text messaging or instant messaging, insults, isolation from family and friends, sexual abuse, name-calling, emotional abuse and controlling a partner’s behavior and appearance.

To learn more about Teen Dating Violence, select one of the links on the right or contact: Claire Lisco PADV Teen Empowerment Advocate Claire.

MADISON -- A bi-partisan group of state legislators is hoping to move the Badger State towards a more comprehensive approach to addressing and preventing teen dating violence with legislation that would implement dating violence curricula in Wisconsin schools.

Advocates say that the newly introduced bill will not only improve the health and safety of Wisconsin teens by breaking cycles of dangerous behavior that contribute to increased risk of drug abuse, truancy and suicide for current youth victims, but will also help to lower the risk of abuse occurring in future generations.But what they described as "one terrible act that no one saw coming" resulted in three lives lost on a January day in 2016.



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