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In it’s generic form, the version number will appear as Because organizations have processes that require them to certify & test updates prior to deployment, it is possible to disable updates and control when and how they get deployed.

However, desktop-integrated services need to interact with cloud-based components.

I used the excellent Microsoft File Server Migration Toolkit to migrate files to our new file server on the weekend.

However, although the user home folders are correctly being mapped to the H: drive, by using this setting in user properties: the ‘Documents folder redirection’ GPO setting is not updating ‘My Documents’ to the new file server location.

Besides his interest in virtualization technologies and blogging, he loves spending time with his family as well as snowboarding, playing basketball and rowing.


To ensure that desktop-online service workflows perform flawlessly, Adobe recommends that you roll out the latest update within 60 days of its public release.Track release schedules and their respective versions will be different, but both the Continuous and Classic tracks share an identical methodology.


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