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For audio and video files, you can play or preview the file right in Spotlight, by moving your cursor over the file and clicking the play button.Determining the location of the file However, when you see the search result in Spotlight, it does not reveal the location of the file.Spotlight is also capable of looking up dictionary definitions, launching apps, performing calculations, previewing audio, video, documents, and other files.This article will outline some of the benefits of using Spotlight and how to use Smart Folders, which allow you to search for a file even if you don’t know its name.Add the optional Force parameter to display hidden or system items.For example, this command displays the direct contents of Windows Power Shell Drive C (which is the same as the Windows physical drive C): The command lists only the directly contained items, much like using Cmd.exe's DIR command or ls in a UNIX shell.

(This can take an extremely long time to complete.) To list everything on the C drive: Get-Child Item can filter items with its Path, Filter, Include, and Exclude parameters, but those are typically based only on name.Previewing files in Spotlight When the search result is displayed, you can mouse over the file name and a preview of it will appear to the left.This works for many types of files such as images, documents of all kinds, and more.For example, you can use the Windows Script Host Scripting.

File System COM class to back up C:\to C:\boot.bak: Creating new items works the same on all Windows Power Shell providers.

The File Info and Directory Info classes represent a file or directory and contain properties that expose many of the file attributes that are supported by the NTFS file system.


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