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It's my worst fear that I'll take one of them out, forever damning them to hate skiing as well.

"Remember Mom, when that deranged lady flew into me? After a moment's hesitation, she slowly turned and kept going.

Two victims were 13-year-old twins enrolled at Chestnut Hill Academy, and their parents sued Kershaw and a business partner for negligently permitting the boys to climb a treacherous peak without an adult along — with some shod in nothing more than baseball spikes. Kershaw Jr., who died in 2015 at age 91, is being told now because several of his victims, for the first time, have shared their accounts.

His story paints a disturbing portrait of how a determined sexual predator can keep in contact with children and evade a system of background checks that critics say remains flawed today.

Now two former students at Chestnut Hill Academy have come forward to say Kershaw sexually abused them while they were enrolled there decades ago.

A third former student, Steven Kampmann, says he believes abuse by Kershaw fueled psychological problems that prompted an older brother to refuse to return to Chestnut Hill Academy after fifth grade and eventually commit suicide.

Either that, or I'll just embarrass them until they let me ski on my own.



But survival instincts won't let me speed up, not even a little. My daughter's desire for us to ski together as with all the other families on the hill. I removed my skis, grasped them in one hand and used my other hand to steady myself, inching down the hill on my bum.The four private schools that employed him have taken different approaches to a vexing, present-day issue: whether to inform alums about his past and what the school knew and when.


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