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They are of different blood, and are the family of Nortons referred to in Strype's up in the family of Sir Thomas More—and by her he had several sons.1 He was still living, though extremely ill when he lost his second wife in the year 1581: and died at Sharpenhoe, 10th March, 1582-3,2 having witnessed nearly all his sons' career. 1741-2 This ancestor of the second branch of the family was one of the leading citizens of the Vineyard and its first representative to the General Court of Mass. He was sheriff of the county in 1699 and was commissioned as Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in 1702. He held for^ life, with remainder to his son Thomas, the advowson and right of presentation to Streatley, together with the rectorial tithes of Streatley and Sharpenhoe,3 as well as the manor and mansion of Sharpenhoe, and other land there. He resided at Major's Cove near Miober's Bridge where he lived until his death, 30 Jan. Nobody Walks in LA is the story of two old friends who, faced with decisions that cannot wait, put their lives on pause for a day and do the unthinkable.... As Sai's cravings grow, she unwittingly attracts a dimensional vampire trying to cross over into the real world.


I kept telling myself it would get better and be worth watching, but that was so not true.Below is a list of County expressions ~ if we’ve missed any, be sure to add your “County-isms” in the comments.Upstreet Picton only has one main street, and no matter which way you approach from, it’s always uphill.We weren’t sure what that meant until we figured out that what they were actually saying was ‘creek’.” Author’s note: Same applies to Black River, or Black Creek – known to the locals as Black Crick. You don’t need to explain you’re going to get curd Death notices at the post office Death notices are posted on the bulletin board at the post office. Gilles: Coun’y folk refer to the roads by local names, rather than the assigned numbers. by Bev: And continuing that, so many of us long timers also say, “you know, the place where ________ used to live”. by Lesley: If you tell anyone that you’re just past Grumpies they know exactly where you are (even though it no longer exists) ..

Many times I’ve heard locals say, “I saw him dead in the Post Office.” Giving directions Locals will tell you how long it will take to get to a destination, rather than the kilometres or miles. Fer instance: “Big Swamp Road”, “East Lake” or “West Lake Road”, the “Demorestville Road”, “Anderson Road”, “Glenora Road”, “Long Point Road”. by Kirstyn: Saying a street is “something” way as in “Go down Belleville way and turn left” or if someone isn’t from the County, they “come from away” .. As in they live somewhere west of county towards Tarana. His father was of a respectable family in the county,5 and belonged to the class of small landed proprietors from which have sprung so many eminent and learned men, but which has well nigh passed away. and 1st Elizabeth, Thomas Norton sat as member for Gatton; and in 13th and 14th Elizabeth Thomas Norton, a freeman of the Grocers' Company, sat for the city of London, and was an active member. MSS., 27, 61 (1578), is a pedigree of the Yorkshire " Nortons, the rebels," of whom Christopher and Thomas were executed for high treason at Tyburn 27th May, 1570.



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