Carbon dating flaws seal

In truth, such a seemingly small amount shouldn’t be underestimated since CO2 starts trapping heat quite effectively at far more minuscule concentrations. I would have thought it was a lot more.” The point is I had been barraged with so much global warming hysteria that I figured CO2 must comprise one percent or five percent or 10 percent of the atmosphere.But since it was only 0.04 percent, it seemed to me that the people making the case for global warming should be more careful, and not exaggerate their claims—to not lose credibility.During this time, signing in and registering will be inaccessible.

This limitation of CO2 actually runs completely counter to the prevailing notion that adding more CO2 to the atmosphere will continue to trap ever greater amounts of heat.

But it doesn’t take long for CO2 to become “optically saturated.” This means that after reaching roughly 0.0020 percent (20 parts per million) of the atmosphere, CO2 starts fading.

From then on, it takes ever-doubling amounts of CO2 to trap the same amount of heat.

CCD Editor’s Note: This article was published exactly one year ago.


It was well received so I wanted to reprint it ahead of the Thanksgiving Day holiday that we celebrate in the States on Thursday.It’s just as germane today as it was last year and makes you thankful to be unshackled from the global warming dogma. When I was in my late 20s, I was living in San Francisco and playing in a reggae band.


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