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During the group session, the mood turns sombre when Lisa, who is in her 20s, begins crying because her father, who pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography, is slated to be sentenced soon."It just sucks, it's not fair," she says, flanked by her equally grim-looking parents.In a sense, they're double-victimized: First, when sucker-punched with the bombshell allegations and then when ostracized by society.

Court heard that he claimed in online chats to having sexually abused his daughters from age 12, but there's no evidence he did.Suddenly, you're told, 'You can't come.' You have nowhere to turn to," says Fedoroff."I've heard more than once wives say they felt envious of their husbands who got to go to jail because they're removed from people asking them, 'What happened?I cannot tell you how much that means when you're incarcerated.

But don't mention the offence because your letters are read ... During a private counselling session with a couple of newlyweds Fedoroff asks how she's holding up."But our marriage has grown stronger." While they were engaged, he was charged with flashing and masturbating in public.


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