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The Galactic Republic was strong armed into the treaty following the twenty-eight year conflict with the Sith Empire that saw the galactic government crumble under the pressures of war and economic struggles.

In reality, the "treaty" functioned as more of an armistice, as, while peace technically existed between both governments, as the concept was more of a cessation of hostilities between the Republic and Empire.

As the Senate worked to prioritize the Republic's defenses, many worlds were left wholly unprotected.

The representatives of these planets blatantly refused to take part in further debate, instead choosing to leave the Senate to its crippling deliberations.

As world after world fell to the onslaught of the Sith, the Galactic Senate of the Republic was deadlocked on how to proceed with the defense of the galaxy.

If these deadlines were not met, Imperial forces were authorized to engage those forces of the Republic which were in violation of the treaty.

Harsh restrictions were even placed on Republic personnel who were acting in compliance with the treaty.

Although they appeared to be on the verge of total victory, the Imperials suffered serious losses during the attempted conquest of the Core World of Alderaan and Darth Mekhis's efforts to secure Rhen Var.

In response to those Republic victories, shocking the galaxy.The two governments organized a summit to take place on the Core World of Alderaan, where delegations from both factions would meet to deliberate the terms of peace.


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