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You can use this page as the central hub to search for what you need.

Motherboard provider Gigabyte has released BIOS updates.

Really stressful as I play Dota 2 online for both casual and research (university) reasons.

Often my ping in game jumps to 350-700 and stays there for 10 minutes, sometimes it will be around 40ms but spike sporadically up to 350 .

Loading basic pages like Google can take 30 seconds or more but sometimes its instant.

After hours of googling it seems one likely cause is an out-of-date BIOS - most recent version from Intel is 48 but I have 46.

BIOS updates are available for some Dell desktop, notebook, and server products.

The Dell security advisory contains several other links to various products types.

Software patches at the operating system level have largely mitigated the Meltdown flaw, but both Microsoft and the Linux community said a firmware fix would be necessary to fully address the Spectre vulnerability.That's why I find it to be very odd the model isn't on the list, many older & newer models are included.



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