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Markle graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in communications in 2003 and supported herself as a freelance calligrapher in between acting jobs.

A keen philanthropist, Markle is a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada, an Advocate for United Nations Women, and a counsellor for charity One Young World.

She has spoken publicly on the issues of gender equality and modern-day slavery.

Today is #worldwaterday ❤️ Reflecting on my recent trip to Rwanda and thinking of all we can do overseas and here at home to help ALL people have access to clean water.

[Read more: It's boring to be bad, says Harry] [In photos: Highlights of Prince Harry’s Royal Tour of the Caribbean] Reports say the pair first met in Toronto while Harry was in Canada promoting the Invictus Games, his sporting event for injured servicemen and women.

It is thought they have been dating since August 2016.

The relationship scandalized Britain, in part because Simpson was still technically married to her husband when she started the relationship with Edward.


Markle is no Kate Middleton, who kept a low public profile while dating William and has seamlessly slid into the public role expected of the woman who will be Britain’s next queen.That’s not just because Markle hails from Los Angeles — she is also divorced and biracial.Her mother is African American; her father is white.Markle will in some ways be following in the footsteps of Wallis Simpson, a divorced American woman who married into the British royal family nearly 81 years ago.

Then-King Edward VIII abdicated the throne rather than end the relationship.The engagement of Britain’s Prince Harry to actress Meghan Markle is raising eyebrows on both sides of the Atlantic for a particularly British set of reasons: She’s a biracial woman who will be the first American divorcée to marry into the royal family in nearly 81 years.



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