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That having been said, however, Artificial Intelligence in computing is becoming a VERY big deal and could well become the savior or the killer of our world.I’m hearing AI being compared with the invention of fire, the wheel, etc. The concept of computers, and, therefore machines, being able to think and reason for themselves has been the basis for a lot of science fiction movies (i Robot, Terminator, etc.) but it is now a very real thing and developing rapidly. There were two rather disturbing things about AI that have come up recently.It was scary enough that those involved unplugged them.The concept of computers/machines developing self-consciousness and the ability to think and reason has good and possibly really bad consequences.We have investigations launched from one side or the other seeking to prove that the leaders of the other side were smuggling gophers into the White House or holding séances and planning witch burnings. As I’m typing this, I honestly can’t keep track of all the investigations and claims being made and I can’t remember who is making them.Right now the government is “shut down” although it really isn’t. And disappointing and I don’t care which party you ascribe to.It’s the cricket chirping in the corner that periodically turns into an enraged Doberman. I can’t get him off my mind, no matter what else I’m supposed to be thinking about.He started losing weight about a month ago and, according to the vet yesterday, is down to 9 pounds from his usual 15.

He’s 12 years old, so we may lose him and I’m not good with this kind of thing. I can’t shake the feeling that I’ve somehow let him We’ve just completed three weeks of the new year, with the first two in our household dominated by the flu and watching TV. A Clear Decision on Politics So far, if you watch the news, especially recently, it’s pretty damn hard not to be overwhelmed by all that’s happening. You have hordes or supposedly smart, talented individuals standing around in a mob pointing at each other like a bunch of kids screaming, “You did so.” “Did not! It’s almost impossible to remember that we-the-people sent them there to run the country, not play games.


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    Dating profiles tend to be really generic because people don't want to scare potential partners by "sounding too different or too odd, not realizing that it actually backfires," Hartman said.

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    However, as Sir Isaac Newton, the father of physics, once said in defense of astrology to skeptic Edmund Halley, “I have studied the matter.

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    All of the conditions he describes did actually exist.

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    Increase your circle of friends, locate the best areas to ride, or find that special someone.

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    Group Video Chats Setting up group video chats with your friends has never been easier.

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    ” Then she lifted her head and called out in a sing-song-y tone, “Oh, Dennis? ” For a while there was nothing, and Roger felt relieved. “Yes, ma’am,” he said very courteously in a deep, resonant voice. ” “I’m afraid I had a very stressful day,” she confessed, taking in his perfect form and licking her lips slightly. She came over to him and began running her fingers over his large arms. ” Roger screamed, putting his hand out in front of his face. At the time we didn’t know, (or, more aptly put I guess, based on her “true-confession”, I didn’t know…), that’s what we were doing.

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