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“While it is obviously hard to ‘fake’ a selfie, it is increasingly easy to steal selfies from social media.Twitter and Instagram are full of selfies of celebrities and normal people, which can be very easily copied, and then added to fake profiles.” “It’s really important, if you are online dating, that you are aware that people might not be who they say they are.Even if someone has multiple selfies on their profile, all of the same person, the photos could have been stolen from someone else’s Twitter or Instagram.And if you are someone who uses social media a lot, be careful what you post online, and who has access to it.Described as a 'comedy game show', the single celebrities will be paired into three very unlikely ‘couples’ and set ridiculous challenges to attract maximum social media attention.

Daughter of Baywatch star David Hasselhoff, Hayley Hasselhoff and Geordie Shore's Kyle Christie.Working behind the scenes for most of the main online dating sites, every month Scamalytics identifies over a quarter of a million fake profiles and prevents romance scammers from accessing the dating sites in its network.Once a scammer is identified (either by their IP address, email address, or from the content of their profile), the data is shared between all the dating sites in the Scamalytics network.Like with any good reality telly series in recent years, there will be a comic voice over provided by rapper and comedian actor Doc Brown.


They must also work to maximise the exposure of their showmances with fake photo ops and PR stunts.

Celebrity Showmance finishes tonight, November 8, Wednesday, at 9PM on ITV2 with the final episode of the series.



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