Girl dating orlando bloom

The couple have welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Beckett, on Monday, February 12.The newborn joins 17-month-old big brother, Boomer."Katy’s team played along so she wouldn’t look like she was a victim during a huge time for her career.” The statement said: “Before rumours or falsifications get out of hand we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time.” The stars spent much of the last year travelling the world together.In November they were rumoured to have got engaged after Katy — whose comeback single Chained to the Rhythm is currently No 5 — was seen wearing a huge diamond ring.Meanwhile, Katy was 5,500 miles away singing at the Brit Awards in London.Bloom was seen kissing Erin Mc Cabe on the cheek when they met and placing a hand on her knee.


“He was rubbing her back all night and even had his hand on her knee at one point.” Over here, Katy spent the Brits after-party liking unsuspecting fans’ tweets about the couple’s relationship. A friend said: “Katy and Orlando were behaving like a couple in the days up to the Oscars.“On Tuesday night Orlando and Katy’s teams received calls about the video, and just hours later a joint split statement was rushed out.“People are naturally thinking there might be more to this video of Orlando and Erin than first meets the eye.Another partygoer at the Global Green Gala do told The Sun: “Their relationship immediately struck me as far too familiar.


"I instantly thought if I was Katy I wouldn’t be happy with my boyfriend behaving like that with another woman.

“They were spending time together and posting supportive messages on each other’s social media.


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